Math vs. Metaphysics, Explaining 4th & 5th Dimension

Is 4D and 5D just spiritual woo-woo talk or is there something more to this?

Annie Emprima-Martin
9 min readOct 21, 2021

This is a supplemental post for “The View From my -SHIPs” blog series

4D Tesseract or Hypercube

Time is a human construct. It doesn’t exist outside of this dimension as we know it; the past and present are merely placeholders within our construct.

When we view our existence from a three-dimensional perspective, we are viewing life from the formula of length x width x height. For example, a cardboard box has length, width and height; however, we step into a fourth-dimensional existence by adding time. Imagine a cardboard box that can move on its own and be more than just here as we know it because time doesn’t exist outside of 3D, at least not in the way that we understand it from a 3D perspective.

Let’s backtrack a little and look at time in a simplified mathematical way: zeroth dimension (0D). At 0D, a cardboard box would only be a point, a dot, since size and length have no value. The box isn’t a cube yet, it’s just a point. It’s irrelevant whether it’s the smallest or largest point you can imagine. There is no length, width or height yet.

In the first dimension, the dot now becomes one straight line, introducing length. There are now two points (a beginning and an end) that are connected to make one line. Metaphysically, think of it like a skilled tightrope walker who can only move forward or backward in a straight line but not up or down or around. There’s a linear past, present, and future but not all at once. Just one direction, and I don’t mean the boy band, where every memory fits neatly on a horizontal timeline from birth to death.

In the second dimension, when we add width perpendicular to length (90 degrees), the line becomes a square with four points, one in each corner. There are only two variables: length and width. But it’s still not looking much like a cardboard box. Think of it like using sticks on the floor to mark where the box would be.

Metaphysically, 2D is disappointing, like printing out a life size picture of a Ferrari that you can never drive. Four points connect four lines to make the shape we understand as a square. Living in the second dimension while the rest of the world is living three dimensionally is like the children’s book character Flat Stanley. Since he’s flat, he can fold himself up into an envelope and travel by mail or stick to a wall or tuck nicely into a backpack to easily sneak into another school. Life is flat to Stanley, but the rest of the characters in the book live in 3D, including his brother and parents. From the side he’s almost invisible.

The third dimension adds depth perpendicular to width. This makes the square a cube and we now have our cardboard box. There are 8 points and 6 squares. There’s length, width, and height, the core elements in measuring volume of a 3D geometric box. This is the world we live in. Trees are three-dimensional, Earth is a 3D sphere (despite the strange number of followers that believe it’s flat),and you are three dimensional. There are a few exceptions, of course. The doodle drawings and stick figures you drew in kindergarten are still 2D. At least now you have a Ferrari that you can do something with.

Now, here’s where it starts to get a little psychedelic trippy. In math, the fourth dimension adds time to the length x width x height formula. The cube can be here and expand to there at the exact same time. It’s NOT a 3D object in motion. 4D entails being here while expanding to exist in another location at the same time since now we don’t have just one cube of space, we have 8 cubes to occupy. That’s called a hypercube or tesseract. From a metaphysics perspective, 4D is not jumping to a different universe or parallel existence, it’s more like leveling up our ability to experience reality in two time places, or in this case, 8 cubes worth of time places at once. Past, present, future, across the dimensions. It’s a lot to take in.

A 4D object living in a 3D world is a lot like a Ferrari engine being dropped in a KIA minivan. It’s just not the same. I’ve only met one person who could walk through walls and do unexplainable things, and she was a Harvard graduate and is now a retired doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and professor emeritus of anthropology.

Fifth dimension adds location to length x width x height x time. 5D is not just about moving backwards, forwards or across the multiverse; it’s the ability to be in two places at once. Location is no longer fixed. Most of my clients get dizzy or light headed on the return of a tour guided journey to a 5D location because it’s super confusing to the mind and the body. Spirit can travel all dimensions with no problem. The mind can play in a few dimensions with some training. The body, not so much.

To recap, we need 2 points to create a line and 4 lines and 4 points to create a square. We need six squares and eight points to make a cardboard box. The hypersurface of a hypercube or tesseract takes up 8 cardboard boxes or cubes worth of space. 5D is ten tesseracts. When I talk about “The Campus”, I’m actually talking about a 5D training campus. Imagine how much you would learn if you had access to a library that was 39 cubes bigger in wisdom and understanding than your local library?

Another way to understand this from a metaphysical perspective is how we process a 4D object with our 3D trained brain. Imagine you cut a tiny keyhole in one of the walls of that empty cardboard box and peeked in to observe a 3D magical holographic glowing ghost-like hand moving up into the box, back down through the bottom of the box, and around the inside of the box. You would only see the parts of the hand that existed inside the 3D box, not outside (iceberg effect). Tracking me so far?

Now imagine how you might see that hand moving vertically up into the box if you had never seen 4D objects before! At first, it would look like a single mound, then another two mounds, then a fourth pinky-like mound, then a fifth thumb-like mound, then they would appear to not be five separate finger-like mounds but all connected, just at different heights. Finally, they all come together at the trunk of the object and you realize they aren’t five separate objects, but rather one oddly shaped object that’s above the bottom of the box and still below the bottom of the box.

The object exists in two places at once, we just can’t see the whole picture to perceive it’s a person’s hand that’s still attached to a person. There’s more to the person than what we can see from our view. Our physical eyes are meant for 3D reality but our 3rd, inner mind’s eye is not limited to 3D reality. For our optical eyes to process 4D, our retinas would need to be more cubed and less curved. In fact, our 3rd eye uses different data receptors to pick up what the optical eyes cannot. Just like we would switch from naked eye vision to a high-powered telescope to observe Saturn’s rings, we have to switch from our 3D optic vision to the inner eye to see higher dimensional existence. The goal is to get the two tools to work together at the exact same time to see the bigger picture.

In our world, we have multidimensional objects beyond 3D understanding. Take an electron for example. Through the use of technology, our eyes would observe an electron appearing and disappearing as it orbits around the nucleus. It does something funny though — it jumps around to different distances from the nucleus, like an ocean surfer appearing on one wave then disappearing and reappearing on another wave, instead of staying on the same predictable circular-like pattern the moon takes around the Earth or the Earth around the sun. It doesn’t have to stay here; it can go there too. Here and there without limitations. We speculate but we don’t really know where it will resurface as it orbits the nucleus. To us, it’s no different from the viewer of the glowing ghost hand only seeing what enters and exits the cardboard box. The electron isn’t really disappearing as it orbits, but that’s exactly how we process the movement in and out of our 3D reality.

Our true existence as humans is not 3D or 4D — it’s more than that. As humans, we have much more than a soul or internal energy system inside; we ARE energy systems with a physical component within us. This trips up most of my religious opponents that think anything outside of the 3D existence is witchcraft or the devil’s work or whatever they believe to remain safe in their bubble. No, it’s really another extension of us, much like the pinky finger is attached to a hand that writes but isn’t part of writing. Instead, it’s a valuable support for other things such as typing or opening a door while the rest of the fingers are holding bags of groceries, or it’s part of a gesture such as the shaka sign (hang ten) or used with the thumb and pointer finger to say ‘I love you’ in American sign language. And that hand is attached to the rest of the body. There is much more to us than what we can see, feel, hear or know that’s visible in the 3D box. There is a 3D self (the body), a 4D self, a 5D self, and so on. We don’t need to limit ourselves to only what fits inside the box! We can exist outside the box too. If you are reading this book, it’s certain that YOU don’t fit inside any box, so why should your reality?

To look at this differently, image 0D is a blank piece of paper with nothing on it. 1D is a piece of paper worth of information. 2D is a folder or packet of information. 3D is a single drawer filing cabinet of information. 4D is an 8 drawer filing cabinet worth of information and 5D is 40 filing cabinets worth of information.

Metaphysical Energy Exercise 1

Take your hand and place it on your chest. Take in a few breaths and become one with your hand. Close your eyes if you wish to shut off one sense so you and strengthen another. Then pull your hand away from your body very slowly. You should feel a very subtle shift in magnetic pull. The initial shift might just be body heat, so try it a few times to separate temperature heat from magnetic pull. Find the first shift then continue pulling your hand away until you can feel the next three layers of your energy field. It might take some practice to pick up on the micro-shifts, but after some practice you’ll be able to find them quickly. Then, once you’ve found the first few layers, practice breathing to get those layers to push out — more like blowing up a balloon except you’re inside your energy balloons expanding the energy. Now you are operating more like a hypercube.

No worries if it doesn’t work the first time. Sometimes we need to hydrate more to feel our external energy layers. We are made up mostly of water so if we are dehydrated, it can feel a lot like a remote control car operating on a low battery.

Energy Exercise 2

At times we need to adjust our internal frequency by shifting the internal dialogue. What does this mean? Put your hand on your chest again and try repeating the word SHAME or GUILT (do shame if you can) over and over again in your head for 30–60 seconds. Notice anything happening with your body? Does it feel like you are constricting or shrinking? Do you feel the energy around your body moving? Now switch it to ANGER and repeat. Then REASON. Then JOY or PEACE or LOVE. What changed?

No worries if you still can’t figure it out. Hop on one of my events on the Clubhouse app or Zoom (like the quarterly energy showcases) and I’ll increase your vibration so you can feel your own energy. Of course, you are also welcome to schedule a free 15 minute session.

Now, if you’re cynical and convinced what I’m saying is bs, I challenge you to comment; but if you do, have the courage to schedule the 15 minute session.

Like the expansive shifts from 0D to 4D, “The View from My -SHIPs” blog series is about the messy path I took to connect the points in time to show you how I created more tesseract experiences in my life and to give you some examples of what is possible.

Annie specializes in the impact of energy in the form of emotions on mind, body, business, and life. Many of her clients come to her because modern medicine and traditional psychology failed to relieve suffering while others come to her for spiritual advancement or metaphysical mastery. Are you ready to learn more?

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