Part 6: Ghosting

Annie Emprima-Martin
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The First Thirty Years

Before we get into the good stuff, let me first bring you up to speed in this chapter’s worth of blog posts to give you an idea of my mindset, mental wellbeing, and the events leading up to joining the military. Along the way, I’ll add in a few psychological and metaphysical concepts to understand this section in a deeper way.

First and foremost, I describe my childhood from my current age perspective. I don’t know anyone like me who can take me to the same places as an energetic observer in the same way I do for my own clients. I don’t know anyone who can take me into my own master memory so I can gather the details of how my younger self processed events. The best I can do is tell you how I remember them from this adult perspective.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of laying on my grandfather’s bed crying from the pain of ear infections - except my memory isn’t from the first-person view of a young child crying on the bed and staring at the adults trying to calm me with cool washcloths; my memory is from the ceiling looking down.

The same with many memories. It was as if I dissociated away from my body and floated up to watch.

A lot of my childhood that didn’t make sense as I recalled it back in my twenties now makes a little more sense in my forties — voices, promptings, unexplainable calmness while others were freaking out. That’s not to say I was calm all the time; quite the opposite in fact. I just didn’t freak out with the big stuff. I still don’t. The small stuff, on the other hand, consumed me for many decades.

For example, there was one time in high school when I was hanging out with teens I didn’t know but who were friends with my friend. We hung out with them because they had a car. They decided they were hungry and wanted French fries from Wendy’s. After I got my food at the counter, I heard a voice in my head tell me to exit through a different door instead of the door closest to where these kids had parked. The moment my friend and I turned the corner around the backside of the small brick building, I knew the boys were up to no good. They were waiting by the front door with the landscape water hose on and positioned, waiting to spray us both down with cold water.

There were so many times I swore I was being followed by an energy being! It didn’t feel like a ghost in the once-was-human sense, just energy. It followed me around my house, it was with me when I was scared to walk home by myself, it was with me when I walked through the streets of New York City at night. It was with me that one time my ex-boyfriend decided he was going to smoke his cigarette in the attic of my childhood home, knowing I was not okay with it and that my mother certainly would not have been. I’m pretty sure that energy released the clamp light from the support beam above the top step of the attic, causing it to dangle inches over his head and for him to never step foot in my attic again.

It wasn’t until I became an energy practitioner and started taking people back to their past to observe their memories and how their younger selves processed what was happening, did I realize what I had actually experienced. The energy being wasn’t at all what I thought it was. I didn’t realize it initially because the first wave of clients that I took back were clairaudient or clairvoyant, so they could communicate with their younger self using Pictionary style gestures or by verbally communicating. I felt the world as an empath, and feelings are really super hard to translate to words when fear is wedged in the middle of the experience.

My capabilities have always been intuition based; I feel in a clairsentient way. But feelings can get extremely confusing when there isn’t a secondary sense to partner with. Sensing plus hearing, or sensing plus seeing, make the experience a whole lot less scary. Sensing plus hearing plus seeing make it a whole lot easier. I was unintentionally scaring myself, not knowing I could travel back and pop in and observe any scene in my life that I wanted. Being extra empathic (and not knowing this fourth dimension option of travel existed) didn’t help the situation in any way. Imaginary friends. Ghosts under my bed. Energy in my closets. Yup. Mysteries solved. All those times I was scared shitless thinking I had a ghost following me…yeah, it was some other version of me popping in and visiting that younger version of me. I was answering the call to help myself.

Turns out we all have an internal Bat phone. We just need to learn how to use it properly.

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