Part 1: Warning Orders, Secret Handlers, Passports & Palapas

Annie Emprima-Martin
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Blog Series | The View From my -SHIPs

Welcome to my fleet of -SHIPs: my stories on leadership, friendship, personal relationships, business partnerships, personal ownership, the money-ship and a sneak peek into my world on the metaphysical mothership.

The fun part of working with the Universe — and I mean this in the most sarcastic way possible — is that I don’t always get the instructions when I get the quantum tools. Sometimes I have to wait years to figure out how some metaphysical or spiritual tool works in the quantum space. Sometimes I just receive a metaphysical WARNO* but the full set of instructions never arrive. Sometimes the instructions arrive and only years later do I get the “tool” that’s needed.

*An Army Warning Order is an abbreviated as WARNO and is a crisis action plan order based on limited information.

The WARNO to tell my story arrived more than 20 years ago without any instruction or direction. I could feel it was something I needed to do; I just didn’t realize it wasn’t something I needed to do right then. Without further guidance, I made up a partly fictional story about a female private investigator stumbling through dating life in a small town in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, collecting clues, acquiring tools, and meeting strange people along the way. Her friends and family didn’t really understand what she did for work so they would interfere with her investigations and downplay her self-employment as an investigator.

My character had a secret handler whom she had never met. This handler would send tools to her apartment to help her solve cases; however, the tools never came with instructions or any clues as to what those things did or why she needed them! It was a mystery how the handler knew who she was and why he was helping her. She just knew that he sent her items she needed or wanted, such as a GPS watch in case she got lost (smart phones and smart watches weren’t a thing yet), a gun for protection that was small enough and light enough to hide in her bra, a night vision monocular camera to see things the naked eye couldn’t see, and expensive stilettos, etc.

Note to reader: Before you judge me for putting stilettos in the same category as a GPS device and a compact pistol, know that if I can drive a nail into a wall with a stiletto heal, I can also cause great damage to other things that might come in contact with my foot in said shoe. Never dis a good shoe.

I completed writing the first few chapters about my fictional character and came to a dead end. I simply couldn’t figure out what came next. The first few chapters came like a hailstorm download and then there was literally a blank slate in my head. Nothing.

Little did I know that the plot for the woman in that book was a metaphor for the journey on which I was about to embark in real life. Much like Santiago in Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, I was in pursuit of my personal legend and treasure. I had my own version of Melchizedek and the Alchemist to guide me through the challenges, and there were plenty of omens to follow. The problem was, I didn’t know how to figuratively turn on the internal night vision equipment to see what my optical eyes couldn’t. I felt as if I were guiding myself on a journey without a road map, a compass, or any protection. The only thing I absolutely had was a closet full of inexpensive stilettos. And you can only walk so far on 4” daggers before your knees and feet ache and the heels break off.

Many spiritual, religious, and metaphysical books reference Earth as a classroom. Each person or group of people is an assignment or lesson. For instance, I dated and married my father — not literally my biological father of course. The men who played the different roles of “father” all had very similar personality types. My ex-husband, my ex-boyfriends, and my real father all had some medical or mental issue, some trauma they denied which manifested in their interpersonal relationships — such as co-dependency, disinterest in personal development and spiritual growth, or some type of addiction. I could name so many — over-eating, hoarding, spending, drinking, video gaming, gambling, body lifting, self-medicating, and so on.

I kept taking the class over and over again with newer versions of the textbooks and different teachers, but the core content and my reaction to the scenarios repeated… That is, until I looked back over my shoulder into the past and realized somewhere along the journey, I had cleared those particular challenges and could reflect back on them from an elevated view to understand why I kept choosing the wrong answer on the tests. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy. It was ugly and messy.

Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, writes that there is no school and there are no lessons; we are all here to simply experience. “School is a place you go if there is something you do not know that you want to know. It is not a place you go if you already know a thing and simply want to experience your knowingness.” “You obviously haven’t spent much time with me!” I replied in my head. “If you did you would see the synchronicities, patterns, coincidences and lessons that align in a way that’s so obvious, even to me in my most oblivious of moments. There is no mistaking what was about to happen. The lesson gets dropped in my lap sloppily wrapped in wrinkled and gaudy abrasive paper, tied with an obnoxiously large bright red bow, topped with an excessively flashing marquee arrow dangling from above, with a cute little note containing three bold words — JUST FOR YOU — written in pretty calligraphy.”

After deploying, I found that each year contained overarching experiences that fit nicely into primary and secondary themes. The experiences of 2016 were about leadership and spiritual awakening; 2017 was about personal relationships and letting go; 2018 was about business partnerships and business sophistication; 2019 was about healing and grieving from loss, and 2020 was… well, we all remember 2020. It was a lesson in expanding instead of shrinking and it was the giant social experiment of polarization and divisiveness. 2020 was when I truly embraced my mission in life. I thought for sure that was it. The story even had a working title at that point: The View from My -Ships — Stories about Friendship, Leadership, Partnerships, and Life. Again, I wrote a few chapters and just couldn’t get the pieces to fit well enough to complete the story.

It still wasn’t right.

In December of 2020 I took an unplanned trip to Aruba. My friend Kellie in the Berkshires was supposed to go to Aruba for her 50th birthday party in April 2020, but as we all know, the world had just shut down and she and her party group couldn’t travel. I had flown back to the Berkshires the last week in October because my grandmother was starting to physically fade, plus the airfare rates were cheap. Kellie mentioned there wasn’t anyone to go to Aruba with her — either they were still afraid to travel or couldn’t get the dates off work. Also, the resort wouldn’t push the scheduled dates back since travel was officially open and Aruba was allowing people in.

What it boiled down to was that she had to go in December or forfeit the $2,500 deposit. All I needed, she said, was to pay for my flight (if you remember, flights in 2020 were stupid cheap) and the all-inclusive resort wristband. The funny thing — and this happens a lot in this series — is that I had a feeling back in 2019 to get my personal passport (as opposed to my official military/government passport) without any valid reason for feeling rushed to do so. So there I was… not afraid of traveling during the pandemic, self-employed so I could schedule my work around the trip, had a personal passport, and all my debts were paid so I could afford to go. Kellie is quite the salesperson, and I had already said yes to passport, time off, financially able. The only thing left was getting my ex to cover my trip by watching kiddo. And — people, brace yourselves — he said yes. Granted, I told him it was for a work-related event and technically it was. I worked on this story, so it was work related, right? Sometimes life is about reframing and viewing the same scene from a different perspective.

If you’ve watched the Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit, you might remember how the protagonist Beth Harmon, a fictional female chess prodigy, would take a sufficient number of tranquilizers which caused her to see giant chess pieces moving upside down on the ceiling. She could play out whatever chess game she was studying to find the best path to checkmate her opponent. Substitute the tranquilizers for an all-inclusive resort wristband with access to unlimited pours of alcohol and you might have an idea of what it was like for me to sit on the beach at the Hotel Riu Palace in Aruba, watching God move the chapters around in the hot morning sky while I sat under a well shaded palapa obligingly trying to write this all down while simultaneously waving off sand fleas.

What the Old Sorcerer in the sky forgot to mention was that 2021 was going to be the denouement of this military-to-metaphysics journey that tied everything all together. There was so much more to come and many more adventures to be had but every story has to start with a beginning.

I’m frequently asked how I learned to do what I do, how I know how to use quantum tools and scan bodies for trapped energy, and how I communicate with human energy and play with energy like it’s sand in a sandbox. I can’t give you that answer. It could have been some weird sequence of coincidences and actions that brought me to this point in time. Maybe it was my daily use of prescribed Alpha-Stim issued by the VA + monthly acupuncture sessions + a non-hormonal copper IUD inside my body + monthly overconsumption of Trader Joe’s gluten free cookies + hiking on the highly spiritual Sloan Canyon hiking trails+ infusing the aroma of boiled orange peels or cinnamon sticks throughout my house weekly + drinking Las Vegas water with chlorine and fluoride + inhaling beige (maybe it was tan?) air on my deployment + seven hundred other seemingly irrelevant factors that, when combined, brought me to this point. Maybe all of that is what got me here, maybe none of it. Maybe, I too, got bitten by some radioactive spider during my deployment. Maybe I’m really an alien and my parents sent me to this planet moments before my planet exploded. Maybe I was born this way (and suddenly you’re hearing Lady Gaga singing the modified line in your head).

Many people just assume my skills came from academic studies, and they want to enroll in the same doctoral program I paid for. I can assure you that program was a waste of money in terms of academic advancement. It served only to give me the courage and confidence to do what I do because it gave me the right to use “Dr.” before my name in the same way a permission slip excuses a kid from gym. That’s all I needed from the program. I even told the program director that my sole reason for registering was because I wanted to have letters after my name. I had created a rule in my head that said I wouldn’t be able to do what I do unless I had letters by my name, and so the Universe played along with my silly game.

Maybe this was my personal legend all along and it wouldn’t have mattered what, where, who, or why. This blog series isn’t here to show you HOW I got to where I am. It’s intended to share my lessons learned through the lens of my life, my eyes, my classrooms of lessons. Every one of us is experiencing this Earth School with a different set of lessons, experiences, purpose and life injects (I’ll touch on that later). Mine is unique to me; yours is unique to you. My story is not intended to veer you from your path of learning. What I hope, dear reader, is for you to audit my class notes, borrow my study notes, and gain some wisdom and validation to help and support you along your journey. If nothing else, I hope it will give you some sense of validation that you’re not the only weird one living a messy life filled with crazy stories and inexplicable paranormal activity, moving through life as if it were a spiraling labyrinth of sometimes aromatic flowers with prickly and thorny bushes, and figuring out the hard way that shame and guilt are poisons to our body.

Traveling in a straight line would have been a whole lot easier and certainly more pleasant, but I wasn’t born to travel in a straight line. It’s not who I am. Just look at my hair.

Much like Santiago in The Alchemist, this is the journey I took in pursuing my personal legend and finding my treasures.

Annie specializes in the impact of energy in the form of emotions on mind, body, business, and life. Many of her clients come to her because modern medicine and traditional psychology failed to relieve suffering while others come to her for spiritual advancement or metaphysical mastery.

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