Part 2: Football, False Gurus, and Nikola Tesla

Annie Emprima-Martin
4 min readOct 14, 2021


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Back in 2017, I, along with two of my veteran colleagues, retired Army Major Ross Bryant and retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Jim Knudson, created a leadership training program called “Lead from the Front”. The basis of this weekly training program was to touch on topics that built on basic concepts using military terminology to help people become better leaders in the military and in the civilian sector.

One of my counterparts told the story of Vince Lombardi, an American head football coach of the Green Bay Packers from the 1960’s, and the hidden power of mastering the fundamentals. Each year at training camp, Lombardi began training his professional football team by holding up a very obvious object and stating, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

The most fundamental lesson we miss in life is about mastering the F*&% out of the basics. Ego gets in the way. We get ahead of ourselves and think we’ve checked that box as we become famous or senior in ranking, and we forget what it is exactly that we’re holding on to. We can’t move forward without a solid foundation, whether it’s in the military or metaphysics or on the football field. We have to master the F*&% out of the basics first.

“The only difference between you and I is I’ve thought about these things a little bit more than you have. It’s my intention this evening to hold up a mirror. A mirror that you can look into and examine for yourself the breadth and the depth of your goals and the commitment and the discipline and the perseverance you bring to the pursuit of those goals. It’s my intention this evening to create within you a little dissonance, a little disharmony, a little dissatisfaction which is the essence of motivation. So for the balance of the evening, you begin to ask yourselves some questions. And maybe you’ll be satisfied with the answers and maybe you won’t. I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. Just maybe present it a little differently. Perhaps in a manner you haven’t seen or heard before.” — Vince Lombardi

Along my journey I came across the psychology term “Dunning-Kruger Effect”. It refers to a cognitive bias in which people believe they are smarter, more capable or wiser than they really are. They don’t know what they don’t know but they are convinced they know. I see this frequently in my industry with spiritual and metaphysical practitioners that appointed themselves gurus, masters, O.G.s, energy experts. The problem is I can feel through the delusion. They don’t know that they don’t know, but I hear it in the words they use and how they respond to curious questions. It baffles me when people proclaim to be the Spiritual OG of Instagram or the Spiritual Guru of Clubhouse and get tens of thousands of followers, yet they are ignoring their own traumas. The vibrational pulsing of the body isn’t in congruence with what they are saying. That’s the downfall of an unregulated industry; there’s no standard to meet. Gurus, true gurus that is, did enormous work to clear their emotional junk to vibrate differently. They talk about trauma and human experiences differently. They emit a stronger pulse and not in a subtle way either. Their human energy field is expanded and unbreachable. We can’t trick science. I’m not a physicist or a science geek but I know what I feel, and I feel energy like a badass metaphysician should feel energy.

My journey from the military to metaphysics was NOT easy. No good story worth telling or reading is easy. The narratology and comparative mythology of the hero’s journey is outlined and scripted in such a way that it doesn’t allow for shortcuts, secret portals or VIP passes to cut to the front of the line. There are ups and downs, laughter and tears, stories and parables and unexplainable moments that appeared to be miracles. This blog series highlights my flaws and ego and stubbornness, and all the messy parts that made me imperfect in an attempt to provide you a space to allow you to honor your flaws, and ego, and stubbornness and all the messy parts that make you, well, YOU. This blog series was written for those new to my world that are seeking more real-world examples of a spiritual awakening journey — in other words, a peak through the keyhole of what I do without fully immersing in the wild ride of quantum existence. By the end of this blog series, I hope you find the courage to use the keys you find in my writing to unlock that quantum door and walk through it with faith, in whatever way that word may mean to you.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

All matter and psychological processes — thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes — are composed of energy. The journey in understanding the power of human energy starts with knowing that we know so very little so let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are made up of energy.

Annie specializes in the impact of energy in the form of emotions on mind, body, business, and life. Many of her clients come to her because modern medicine and traditional psychology failed to relieve suffering while others come to her for spiritual advancement or metaphysical mastery.

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Annie Emprima-Martin

Metaphysician, business owner, Army veteran, Angel Investor, TikTok/YouTube creator. Writing about the impact of emotions on mind, body, business, and life.